Latest Update OCT. 6th, 2022

As of October 2022, most of our initial procedures and policies have been discarded. There is still disinfectant alcohol available onboard our boats and it is now optional for whoever prefers to use it. We have kept freshwater buckets available under the seats, so our guests can rinse their masks if they prefer to do it themselves, we will always be happy to defog our guests’ masks depending on their preference.

Probably the most important procedure we have kept is the requirement for new mouthpieces for guests renting our regulators.  We encourage our guests to bring their own but still offer new mouthpieces at the shop for $5 USD a piece in case somebody forgets.

No facemasks required anymore.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Updated: NOV. 12th 2021

As of November 2021, many of our initial procedures and policies have been discarded and a more relaxed atmosphere has begun. Quintana Roo state is considered as low risk at the moment and most of the population is now fully vaccinated including all our staff.

Based on the CDC/EPA and Diver Alert Network recommendations as well as the Mexican Ministry of Health we have summarized important protocols that are being implemented. They are subject to be reviewed periodically as new guidelines might arise. 

The objective is to guarantee a safe workspace for both employees and guests and mitigate the risk of infection on our operation. 

Staff Requirements – Arrival at the shop 

– Staff should wear face masks at all times.

Guests Check-in and requirements

– Digital paperwork, certification cards, and waivers, need to be signed in advance.  Payments in advance are available through PayPal. 

– New regulator mouthpieces will be required. Guests are recommended to bring their own mouthpiece or will be required to buy one at the shop for $5. 


– Alcohol gel, water, and soap are available at our facilities and boats.

Gear Handling and Sizing

– We recommend our guests bring their own mouthpieces or they will be required to buy at the shop for $5.  

– Gear sizing will be conducted on board our boats, an open-aired space avoiding confined spaces such as our office.

Assembling gear 

– Clients and staff are encouraged to disinfect hands prior to gear handling and assembly 

Snorkel and Scuba General Procedures

– No saliva will be used for mask defogging 

– There will be products available for defogging, 

Cleaning and Disinfection of the gear 

– Biodegradable soap and bleach are used for cleaning the gear 

– Regulators are disinfected with a chlorine bleach preparation 

– Neoprene wetsuits, tanks, belts are washed with bio soap and abundant water. 

Boat Operation 

– Before boarding the boat disinfection gel 70% alcohol is provided to each guest. 

– Disinfection gel 70% alcohol is always provided onboard. 

– Face masks are NOT required onboard anymore.

– Guest will have a bucket under the seat with fresh water and soap to rinse the mask.

Pick up of divers at hotels 

– If picking up divers at hotel piers, hand sanitizer will be provided.