COVID-19 Protocols

Updated July 20th

Based on the CDC/EPA, Diver Alert Network, as well as the Mexican Ministry of Health recommendations we have summarized important protocols that will be implemented as we continue operations here at Scuba Life Cozumel. The following guidelines are subject to be revised and altered as new information becomes available to ensure you, our divers have the most up to date information.  

The objective is to guarantee a safe space for both employees and guests to mitigate the risk of infection within our operation.

Staff Requirements – Arrival at the shop 

– Masks are worn at all times, hand sanitizer used before entering the facility, and used frequently during the day.

– Health declaration to be completed daily along with temperature check.

– Boats are not only cleaned after every use but prior to use daily.

Guests Check-in and requirements

–  Zero-Contact Check-In. 

(Digital paperwork, certification cards, and waivers including new HEALTH DECLARATION FORM / COVID-19, need to be signed in advance. This will be sent 24 hours prior to check in.  

– Payments to be made in advance using PayPal, an invoice with a payment link will be sent via email.

* If physical check-in due to last-minute booking is required, no more than 1 guest inside the shop at a time.

– Personal protective equipment such as face masks or bandanas is mandatory at all times except in the water. Bandanas will be available for $20 at the shop, however, we encourage our guests to bring their own barrier protection. 

– New regulator mouthpieces will be required. Guests are recommended to bring their own mouthpiece or will be required to buy one at the shop for $5. 

– Upon arrival, hand sanitizer will be provided. Verification of Covid Questionnaire has been completed within two hours of check in.

– Avoid physical contact with staff and other guests


– The dive shop, picnic table, and boats will be sanitized daily in accordance with the CDC protocol. There will be displays at facilities to remind guests and staff of the protocols. 

– The antibacterial gel will be readily available at all times.

Gear Handling

– After each trip gear will be unloaded in a designated container to be sent for sanitization. At no point will clean gear and used gear be cross contaminated.

– If a guest is diving multiple days with rental gear, her gear will be marked and used again after daily cleaning and sanitizing procedure. 

– Clients and staff are required to disinfect hands prior to gear handling and assembly.

– Tank valves will be sanitized before loading.

Snorkel and Scuba General Procedures

– Scuba activities can only operate with a brand new mouthpiece properly packaged or with the guest ‘s own mouthpiece. 

– No saliva will be used for mask defogging 

– There will be products available for defogging, 

Cleaning and Disinfection of the gear 

– There will be 1 designated area for equipment cleaning and disinfection and 1 for equipment already clean.

– For all cleaning and disinfection staff must wear latex gloves and face protection.

– Biodegradable soap and bleach must be used for cleaning the gear 

– Stringent Gear Disinfection based on CDC guidelines: 1/3 cup of bleach (5 tablespoons) per 1-gallon water with minimum contact of 10 minutes, mechanical force including toothbrush for tight spaces. 

– The process of disinfection is done exclusively in containers for this sole purpose. 

– BCDs and Regs are disinfected with same chlorine bleach preparation 

– Neoprene wetsuits, tanks, belts are washed with bio soap and abundant water. 

– There is a procedure of identifying gear that is in the process to be cleaned and gear that is already cleaned. 

– Disinfection containers should be available for clients wanting to disinfect their own gear. 

Boat Operation 

– On boats, the minimum distance should always be taken into account. 

– Divers are required to remain seated at all times. 

– Staff will avoid physical contact with the clients at all times. 

– Before boarding the boat disinfection gel 70% alcohol is provided to each guest. 

– Disinfection gel 70% alcohol is always provided onboard. 

– Face masks are always required onboard up until before getting in the water.

– The ladders, containers, hatches, handles, buttons, or any other common pieces must be disinfected frequently. 

– After each trip, deep disinfection and cleaning are done on heavy traffic areas like seats, benches, deck, toilets, ladder, rails.

Food and drinks aboard

– We recommend all our divers to bring their own water bottles.  

– Water bottles and Gatorades in the cooler will be handled only after properly disinfecting hands with alcohol.  

– Communal fruit will be avoided and only peeled fruit will be delivered such as bananas. 

Disinfection Guidelines 

– On the boats, we will operate to a lower capacity dictated by the local authorities. 

– On the boat the communal dunk bucket won’t be available anymore, each guest will have a bucket under the seat with freshwater and soap to rinse the mask and avoid cross-contamination. 

– Our Emergency Kits on board will be supplied with up to date barrier protections, instructors will be updated with the latest CPR guidelines by Divers Alert Network. 

Pick up of divers at hotels 

– If picking up divers at hotel piers, hand sanitizer will be provided. 

CDC Disinfection Guidelines: 

• First, clean the surface or object with soap and water. 

• Then, disinfect using an EPA-approved disinfectant 

• If an EPA-approved disinfectant is unavailable, you can use 1/3 cup of bleach added to 1 gallon of water, or 70% alcohol solutions to disinfect. 

• Do not mix bleach or other cleaning and disinfection products together. Bleach solutions will be effective for disinfection for up to 24 hours.